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Effective teams are not born fully formed - they grow to reach their full potential.

Like individual growth, this requires knowledge, nurture and challenge.

Team coaching is a partnership between the coach, the team and the team's parent organisation.  The purpose of the relationship is to work together to help the team achieve its full potential.  In doing so, it focusses on the team's purpose, its wider context and the way the team members collaborate to achieve their aims. 

We initially work with the sponsor of the coaching to understand what the organisation needs.  If the team leader is not the sponsor we then meet the leader to understand their perspective and start to create a relationship.

Once clear on the brief, we conduct a thorough inquiry, interviewing the leader, the team members and the team's key stakeholders.  We bring those results to the team in a workshop to provide it with a clear understanding of where it stands.  The team then decides what it will do.  The team creates and owns its plan of action.

Thereafter, we work with the team in whatever way the team finds most useful.  This will usually involve workshops, coaching and can include attendance at work to observe team activity in flow.  Throughout, we encourage the team to take a systemic view, to better understand what is needed of them and how the wider system influences their internal dynamics.

Team coaching is not a point of intervention; it is a relationship of trust created over time, designed to deliver lasting change.  At its end, the team can sustainably perform to a high level without support.

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